Johnathan Nicolosi

Freelance Artist

I am a freelance artist and front-end web developer in Denver, CO. I am currently taking comissions for illustrations and graphic design.

Front-End Web Development

While I specialize in front-end development, most of my work so far has been for personal use with very little professional experience. With this portfolio site, I hope to show some examples of good coding practices and advanced design concepts.

Information Technology

Over 12-years experience installing, monitoring and maintaining, enterprise data/voice networks and related technologies for global and campus-wide networks. Unix/Linux Administration; microcircuits, electronics and robotics systems; Wireless, ethernet and fiber infrastructure design, instalation and maintenance.

Rocket Science

Post-graduate student with masters of science in space studies (aerospace science) and an amature rocketry hobyist. My goal is to explore the stars with advanced robotic orbiters and rovers using commercially available microcircuits and off-the-shelf electronic sensors and motor servos.