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Chaos Realms - Tabletop Role Playing Game (RPG)

img Chaos Realms is a horror-themed, action adventure, tabletop board game that can be downloaded and printed, or played from any internet connected computer, laptop or mobile device. Chaos Realms is set in the not-to-distant future.

A powerful consortium of mega-corps, known collectively as the New World Order, have divided the war torn planet into 10 districts or zones. Gangs of scavengers, raiders and slavers ravage the wastelands. Famine, pestilence and death have conquered the land. Ancient aliens and demonic entities now fight for control over planet Earth and its resources in an epic tale that began millions of years ago in a galaxy far away.

Each adventure can be played within 4-6 hours and allows up to 6 players to solve puzzles, fight badguys and monsters in turn-based combat and advance your character as you survive the apocalypse. Visit wasteland settlements and trading posts to buy, sell and trade items scavenged in the wastelands.

Download now to begin your Chaos Realms adventure.

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Village of the Damned - Adventure Module

Village of the Damned is a Chaos Realms adventure set in the post-apocalyptic ruins of a not too distant future. A team of 4-6 players have been tasked with investigating the disappearance of a covert CorTek agent who went missing while trying to discover the source of a mysterious magnetic anomaly detected in the woods near ruins of Hellertown, PA. Uncover a dark and sinister plot which dates back to the dawn of humanity, while scavenging the forgotten ruins of Pennsylvania and for food, weapons and pre-dark technology.

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