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These step-by-step tutorials will guide you through the development of various projects that I have worked on over the years.

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Environmental Scanner - Arduino-based Sensor Array

Environmental Scanner The Environmental Scanner project began as a simple Arduino-based, environmental monitoring and alert system. Featuring and array of Adafruit and SparkFun electronic sensors, Arduino Uno and an ethernet shield, the Environmental Scanner will host a webpage containing sensor readings and alerts. This webpage will display the current sensor readings, which will refresh every few seconds and will send an alert when sensor levels exceed certain, predefined thresholds.

Johnathan Nicolosi - 23 Sept 2017

Facial Recognition Using Python and a Webcam

In this tutorial we will explore basic machine learning concepts by developing a simple facial recognition program in under 22 lines of code, using a webcam, Python 2.7, and the open source library OpenCV v2. OpenCV is a popular library for computer vision, which was originally written in C/C++, but now provides bindings for Python. This tutorial is based on Shantnu Tiwari's python blog, which can be found at

Johnathan Nicolosi - 24 Sept 2017

Raspberry Pi - Amazon Alexa Integration

This tutorial will show you how to integrate artificial intelligence and voice recognition into Raspberry Pi. The original tutorial can be found at ( In order to integrate Amazaon's Alexa with a Raspberry Pi 3, you will need the following components: Raspberry Pi, official Sense Hat and an Amazon Developer's account.

Johnathan Nicolosi - 24 Sept 2017