There are several situations that may hinder your attempt to attack your opponent. For example, fighting on a moving object such as an airplane or cargo ship, fighting underwater or fighting multiple enemies can increase the difficulty to attack and defend. Situational Modifiers are added to or subtracted from your DTN, and may apply when moving or performing complex actions during and after combat.

The following situations can have a significant impact on Magical Combat, Unarmed Combat, Melee Combat, Ranged Combat and Vehicle Combat.

SituationSituational Modifier
Aimed Shot+1
Attacker Behind Cover+2
Attacker Driving-3
Attacker has High Ground-1
Attacker in Melee Combat-1 per opponent
Attacker in Prone Position-2
Attacker WoundedSee Damage Modifiers
Attacker in Moving Vehicle-2
Blind Fire-4
Called Shot-3
Laser Sight+1
Multiple Attackers+1/Attacker
Multiple Targets-1/Target
Recoil, burst-fire-2 per burst
Recoil, full-auto-1 per shot
Recoil, heavy weapon-2 each additional shot
Recoil, semi-auto-1 for second shot
Target Behind Cover+4
Target has High Ground-1
Target in Prone Position-1
Target Running-2
Target Walking-1
Target WoundedSee Damage Modifiers
Underwater Combat-4