Hell is one of many names given to this realm of fire and chaos. It is the birthplace of Heylel ben Sahar, the morning star, an ancient demon who lay dead but dreaming since before man walked the Earth. It is believed that souls of the damned are sent to this place of fire and brimstone where they will be tortured by demons for all eternity.

The Sumerians called it Kur and is was ruled by Erishkigal, and later the Egyptians refered to it as the Duat, where Osiris ruled as king. Ancient Greeks called this place Hades where it was ruled by Hades and the Norsemen knew it as Hel and it was ruled by the goddess Hel. Hell is simultaneously all of these locations, ruled by each of these demon lords and none of these locations. Hell is but a tiny region of the infinite chaos realm. It is thought to be below the Earth, in contrast to Heaven, which lay above, but this is not correct. Hell is magnetically aligned in the direction of the Draco constellation, but within the chaos realm.

When summoned, demons manifest from the chaos realm, in the direction of Alpha Draconis, and when banished, demons return to this dark and turbulent realm. For more details on specific demons or various hellworlds, click on each of the following hyperlinks.