Earth is the largest of the four terrestrial planets and until the discovery of life on Ceres, was thought to be the only planet in the Solar System to harbor life. Earth’s atmosphere is composed primarily of nitrogen and oxygen, with trace amounts of Argon and other gases. Approximately five-eighths of the surface of Earth is covered by saltwater oceans, which vary in depth up to 36,000 ft (11 km). Earth, the third planet from the sun, is the main location in the Chaos Realms roleplaying game. Most of the planet’s surface has undergone massive changes; the polar ice caps have all but completely melted – raising the sea level by several feet. Many coastal regions are now completely underwater. Not only has the landscape been changed forever, but entire nations have fallen to ruin. Once mighty nations are now but forgotten memories and now several new nations are rising from their ashes.

Earth’s population is at an all-time low. Following a series of ecological disasters, years of rising temperatures and severe drought, nuclear wars, devastating storms and human weather modification humanity is now at the brink of extinction. Scientists aboard the Independence Orbital Transfer Hub suggest between 600 and 800 million humans remain on Earth. This number does not include the survivors who remain hidden in their underground bunkers across the planet. Animal populations have also dwindled. Most land, air and sea animals are now extinct and many more species now face extinction.

Population = 800 million