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Chaotic Productions offers the best web development services in the universe. From mobile apps, responsive design, scalablility and usability, our products stand apart from the rest of the web as dynamic, fun and web 2.0 compliant.

Chaos Realms - Tabletop Role Playing Game (RPG)

img Chaos Realms is a horror-themed, action adventure, tabletop board game that can be downloaded and printed, or played from any internet connected computer, laptop or mobile device Chaos Realms is set in the not-to-distant future, where corporations rule a war torn planet, where famine, pestilence and death have conquered the land. Ancient aliens and demonic entities now fight for control over planet Earth and its resources in an epic tale that began millions of years ago in a galaxy far away.

Each adventure can be played within 1-3 hours and allows up to 4-6 players to solve puzzles, fight badguys and monsters in turn-based combat and advance your character as you survive the apocalypse. Download now to begin your Chaos Realms adventure.

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